Raising Anti-Racist Children


In this moment when anti-Black violence and racism is in the national spotlight, many of us are having hard conversations about events that have unfolded across the country in recent days and months. For those of us who are parents and caregivers, this also means having age and developmentally appropriate conversations with our kids.

With the help of the Hand in Hand community, we’ve compiled the following set of resources to help you have these conversations in your families and communities. The links below include information for parents and caregivers of white, Black, and non-Black children of color. Thank you to everyone who has shared resources to build this list.

If you have a resource that you would like to add to this list please email blithe@domesticemployers.org

Black Lives Matter founders coloring page courtesy of Robin Markle/Philadelphia Childcare Collective (Download PDF)

Anti-Racist resources for parents of white children:

Resources for parents of Black children:

Resources for parents of non-Black children of color:



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