Are you giving an end of year bonus?

During the holiday season, let’s make sure we’re taking care of those who help take care of us.

Flora (parent) & Namrata (nanny), protesting together!

The Bonus

An average year-end bonus is usually between one and two weeks pay, although if it feels right to your family, you can of course choose to give more. Think of the bonus as an expression of how much you value your employee, within the boundaries of what you can realistically afford.

The “Annual Review”

The holiday bonus provides you with a great opportunity to communicate what you valued about your employee’s work over the past year and update the work agreement you have with them. (Don’t forget, if you’ve increased their responsibilities over the past year than in her initial job description, then you should also increase their wages.)


Please keep in mind that a bonus is not a replacement for paid time off. Your employee is also looking forward to their own holiday traditions, so make sure to give generously here too wherever possible. (You can find our recommendations about paid time off here.)



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