15 websites every parent should bookmark

by Purva Gujar of Inceptive, a Hand in Hand partner

The Zero to Three 2016 national parent survey found that over 80% of parents used internet search engines to look for parenting advice but less than 50% of them found the results to be trustworthy. Many existing online resources are either biased, offer conflicting information or have advertising-driven business models.

Not everything on the web is bad though-university, research centers and hospital-based websites are sources of safe, accurate, and reliable information. But most parents aren’t aware of their existence because these organizations do not focus heavily on outreach.

We started Inceptive Education , a nonprofit, to make it easy for parents to find reliable, unbiased resources, including access to various experts. We conduct expert-led workshops and , both free and paid. In addition, we post one hand-picked resource every week on our website.

Based on our research and conversations with our experts, we recommend the following websites for parents (alphabetically in each category). Please note that this list is not exhaustive, there are other great websites and information sources. We just picked a few that are our go-to sources.

Health-related topics

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